"The Value of Handwork" or
"This is No Way to Run a Business"

"Blacksmithing" means heating iron or steel to over 1000 degrees, then shaping it with hammer blows and struck tools, such as chisels and punches. It can be worked further cold using files, drills and taps, etc. This is what I do.

My aim is to make beautiful, useful pieces. The work is made principally by hand. My hands get dirty and my arm gets tired. My output is modest but my electric bill is low. Machines save time and money, but in the end something is missing. That "thing" is difficult to quantify, but clear to the discerning appreciator.

If you believe as I do that there is value in hand work, then please consider buying something. In doing so, you'll receive more than a material object, you will directly declare your commitment to the continuation of this uniquely human capacity.