About Production Work

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This is my current body of production work which consists of door hardware and home accessories.

The term “production work” is used to distinguish it from commission work, but these pieces are not mass produced. With only a few exceptions, the same traditional hand processes used on all my work apply here as well. The ultimate goal is the manufacture of a small body of work which is efficiently produced without compromising quality.

Finishes, Fasteners & Dimensions

Finish – Interior hardware is finished with a mixture of linseed oil and beeswax applied warm. The result is a subtly blackened surface with good protection from rust if unexposed to moisture. An occasional coat of paste wax will enhance the piece. Exterior pieces are finished with a clear, satin urethane.

Fasteners – Slotted “Acorn” screws are provided free upon request with the work. They are machine made, black screws with a roughened head. Round headed screws which have been de-zinced, and recoated are available for $.40 each. Forged nails from machine cut stock are available beginning at $1.50 each. Lag bolts, de-zinced and refinished, with a forged squarish head are available for $2.50 each. I also have a limited supply of a machine screws in many lengths, head styles, and materials from size 0 to size 8. Please inquire.

Dimensions are approximate. If accuracy is critical please inquire