The utensils can be used – they have a food safe finish – but iron doesn't resist rust like stainless steel. They should be wiped dry after use and rubbed lightly with oil, treated as one would treat a piece of cast iron cookware. More often they are decorative. Pieces are sold individually or in sets at a small discount.

Thumb Latches

Description: These are Suffolk latches, both swivel and cusp styles. In swivel latches the thumb press passes through a blocky part (sometimes called the throat or boss), and pivots on a pin. In cusp latches the thumb press passes through a hole in the upper cusp. Both were common up until about 1800, although the cusp latch is a little earlier.


Description: H and H-L hinges are available in 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch, and 7 inch. 3 inch are suitable for small cabinets; 4 inch and 5 inch for medium and large cabinets, and 7 inch for interior doors. For modern, 1-3/8 inch thick interior doors, a pair of 7 inch H-Ls - one in each corner - and an H hinge in the center is recommended. For older, lighter interior doors a pair of Hs or H-Ls is adequate. Strap hinges, available by special order, are suitable for exterior doors.

The surface of the hinges is textured, the edges are chiseled or beveled, and the horizontal element (the L) is forge welded onto the vertical element. The barrels are rolled. These hinges are suitable for flush mounted doors only.